Tony Jones Flooring Consultant, Inspection, and Training
Tony Jones Flooring Consultant, Inspection, and Training

Flooring Consultant Services in Richlands, NC


Consultants are used to persuade the builder, retailer, and/or installer to do the right thing. Consultants write intricate reports that reveal the problem, as well as the possible solution.


As a certified flooring expert since 1998, Tony Jones of Forensic Floors offers consulting services and comprehensive reports in order for repairs or compensation to take place. For any problems in the flooring industry; whether its for manufacturing, retailers, home owners, insurance companies, or law firms; he can help you.


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Floor Installation Training in North Carolina

Flooring training is set to inform and educate a prospective installer on the latest and best techniques on installing or repairing hardwood, tile, laminate, concrete, and carpeted floors professionally.  A standing stat for most flooring magazines is that 40-68% of flooring problems in the United States are caused by poor installation procedures.

Based in Richlands, North Carolina, Tony Jones is an expert trainer who is able to teach prospective installers and retailers to spot the following flooring issues:

  • Stains that can’t be removed.
  • Stains / soil on carpet
  • Discolored laminate planks
  • Excessive wear
  • Gloss finish issues
  • Delamination and zippering carpet
  • Wood floor buckling



  • Delamination and buckling laminate
  • LVT moving & separating
  • Matted carpet pile
  • Finish wear on hardwood
  • Floor separating LVT
  • Buckling on laminate/wood
  • Engineered Wood Popping



  • Excessive shedding on carpet
  • Carpet matting and crushing
  • Laminate buckling and moving
  • Gapping in laminate and LVT
  • Carpet fading
  • Delamination and edge raveling
  • LVT Planks Lifting




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FCITS Certified

Tony Jones Flooring Consultant, Inspections, and Training is certifed by the Flooring Consultants and Inspection Training Services.

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